About us

Our mission is to make sure parents entrust us by putting their children into our programs, we take this responsiblity very seriously. FFT Sports family prides to build it‘s business upon personal relationships with each of our students and their parents. We believe that strong passion and genuine care to make our players better every step of the way is an essential core to build a successful sport programs. We strive to be better through team meetings, motivational trainings & constant research of new and creative training methods applicable to our students.We want our students to make a progress while we enjoying the ride along of helping them to achieve it. Your hard work, our training methods-Common Triumph! Your goal – our challenge.

This is what set us apart :.
⦿ "No Passion No Hire"
⦿ Fun & competitive environment – students must look forward to come back to our classes
⦿ Quality over Quantity
⦿ Interacting with our students on/off the pitch – competitions, summer camps, birthday parties,